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Tincy Miller Apologizes for Religion Remarks

Dallas’ Tincy Miller, a member of the State Board of Education, asked a perfectly reasonable question about some of Texas’s new social studies books. Why, she wanted to know, would they have deleted information about Christmas and Rosh Hashanah in favor of discussing other global holidays like “Diwali”? (Drawing a blank? It’s the Hindu Holiday of Lights.) When Miller called Diwali little-known and lacking much “substance” on KERA-FM, the arbiters of political correctness leaped quickly into action. The upshot: Miller has now apologized for her remarks. Even so, I doubt she’ll be on anybody’s Diwali-card list this year.

  • Katina

    Maybe since the holiday isn’t that well known it should be in a textbook. Learning about other cultures seems to be the point of social studies. Btw, it’s likely you’d be offended too if you heard your religious holiday dismissed as lacking substance. IJS.

  • HSH

    I heard the story with her remarks and when I heard it I winced. It wasn’t just what she said, it was how she said it. Sounded like “who are these insignificant Hindi folks anyway”? What an arrogant, stupid thing to say. Sorta like how she behaved when she answered the door at her house and found U.S. Marshall’s at her doorstep trying to collect the debts of her hubby.

    This is just another example of why electing State Board of Education members is stupid.

  • Zooey

    Things have really deteriorated when asking for civilized behavior is relegated to “political correctness.”

  • KR

    Thought she went out the back door with the family jewels.

  • Steve

    Christianity is stupid and I don’t support the troops. Whose politically incorrect now?

  • GMOM

    Calling BS on the apology, if she didn’t “realize” what she was saying then she doesn’t need to be on the Board of Education!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    I’m seconding Zooey’s response. When did respecting another faith (ie: not marginalizing it) become political correctness?

  • Jackson

    Jason, you ask “When did respecting another faith (ie: not marginalizing it) become political correctness?”

    Answer: When Glenn Hunter didn’t know anything about the 837 million Hindus in this world, the 1.5 million Hindus in this country, or the roughly 50-55,000 Hindus who live in North Texas alone.

    By way of comparison, Bill O’Reilly’s show on FOX News draws just 3 million viewers a night in this country (out of more than 300 million people), and that’s considered profound because it’s #1 in cable news.

  • rw

    Sadly for the State of Texas, Ms. Miller is one of the more sane and intelligent board members.

  • Grumpy Demo

    “the arbiters of political correctness leaped quickly into action.”

    I guess if White People don’t do it, it’s not important to Glenn Hunter.

    Dismissively condescending to one of the world’s great religions by both Ms. Miller and Mr. Hunter.

    “World Class” in deed.

  • Glenn Hunter

    Jackson, Grumpy Demo, Zooey: In a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, it’s not inappropriate to question why Christmas and Rosh Hashanah should be deep-sixed in this curriculum in favor of a festival called Diwali. I think that was Ms. Miller’s point.

  • MRO

    You’re digging yourself a deeper hole, Glenn.

    I heard her interview and her insincere retraction. She was flat-out offensive, whether or not you want to conveniently label it “political correctness”.

    The point is that America was founded as an alternative to intolerant monarchies and theocracies, and that people could practice their own religions as they wish. To pretend that descendents of the Mayflower still define the culture is ridiculous and off-putting. Shouldn’t school kids be interested in knowing the other cultures they live among?

  • Grumpy Demo

    “In a country founded on Judeo-Christian values”

    Mr. Hunter please meet, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Franklin, Mr. Washington, et al. So should do we need to add, illiterate of American history to your resume in addition to Glenn Beck Nativist Yahoo?

    FYI, as a Christian and amateur historian, for your benefit you need to visit this site:

    Let me guess: Home schooling or History from a Football coach?

  • sandra

    Please look at the largest democracy in the world- not to mention one of the fastest growing economies. Yes we should learn about Christianity as it was the faith of our forefathers. But its is other faiths that may change the way our global environment operates. Islam should be studied – as it is one that has affected our country in so many ways. The world is changing and Texas kids(US KIDS) better get up to speed on how the world operates.