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Making Dallas Even Better

Bill Lively’s Warning To Nonprofit Groups: If You Think You’re ‘Entitled,’ You’re Going To Fail

Fundraising guru Bill Lively has some words of warning for DFW nonprofit groups. Just resting on your laurels as do-gooders, the message goes, ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Organizations that depend on a spirit of entitlement–‘We are noble, we deserve, they should give’–“will fail, and probably should fail,” Lively says. “It’s a new world, and […]

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Kimberly-Clark to Stop Killing Canadian Forest

At least that’s Greenpeace’s take on the end of  its apparently successful Kleercut campaign against Irving-based Kimberly-Clark, which produces Kleenex, Huggies, Cottonelle, and Depend, among other brands. The company announced last week that it’s going to increase the amount of “tissue fiber” it uses that’s recycled or Forest Stewardship Council-certified by 40 percent by 2011. […]

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Leading Off (8/12/09)

1. Rick Perry has claimed the state has a $9 billion surplus — without properly thanking the federal government for making that possible. Now he’s getting ready to take some more money from the feds, this time a $1.5 billion loan to cover unemployment claims. The fun part: “[I]t’s unclear when Texas employers will have […]

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