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Making Dallas Even Better

Leading Off (6/17/09)

1. Oh, this is too rich. Judge Barbara Lynn issues a gag order in the City Hall corruption trial. But defendent Darren Reagan goes ahead and faxes a letter to the DMN in which he accuses lawyer Don Templin of having staked out his DeSoto house back in 2005. Oh, also, Reagan thinks Templin was involved with a home invasion robbery at his pad. That would be Don Templin, D Magazine‘s attorney at Haynes and Boone. For anyone who knows Don, the idea of him running a stakeout is a gas. That’s really good stuff, man. Now, the home invasion? That totally sounds like Don.

2. Mary Poe, our marketing director, just called to say there are about a half dozen cops at an apartment complex down the street from D HQ, on Abbott Avenue, on the edge of Highland Park, with their guns drawn. So there’s that.

3. Do you drive on any of the North Texas Tollway Authority’s roads? Get ready to pay a lot more for the privilege. (Note to my buddy who hosted our poker game at his new house in Frisco a couple weeks ago: I’m not ever going to see you again. Sorry.)