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Dallas Writer Exposes Male Thinking About Women

When I heard there was a new book out from Dallas’ Brown Books Publishing called Secrets From Inside The Clubhouse: What Men REALLY Think About Women, I thought of that old C&W song, the one where Waylon sings: “I got a good woman/What’s the matter with me/What makes me wanna love every woman I see?” And, Ron Stout’s book is apparently of that mindset. Among the North Dallas scribe’s secrets: “Act more feminine and we’ll be more masculine” (Secret No. 5); “Ask us … don’t tell us what to do” (No. 10); and “Speak English, we don’t understand Womaneze” (No. 25). Any other “secrets” out there?

18 comments on “Dallas Writer Exposes Male Thinking About Women

  1. And what do women really think of men?

    I have a used paper target from the gun range to show you. :)

  2. ouch, @ Puddin’Tane, such hostility. Can’t we just all get along? After all, men have never disguised our true intentions. We’re really fairly simple to figure out.

  3. Womeneze, womaneze
    Womaneze me in
    We’ll take
    Long gettin’ home
    Womaneze me in

    Trite stereotype #27:
    Don’t get mad that we haven’t intuited what you never told us. No, we shouldn’t have known. This is an age-old one-two — 1) the Man gets an unwinnable hand, 2) you get an excuse to nurse a grievance, which gives you a form of power.

    Now give Daddy some sugar.

    Hey!! ( ….?)

    Womaneze, womaneze
    Womaneze me in …

  4. I rarely think about Women. Its more of a reaction or a kind of reflex, if you will.

  5. @Glenn: I’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re gonna get some “womaneze” when you get home and brace yourself. . . it ain’t gonna be pretty. Remember, dear. . . she, who rules the household appliances, controls your life.

    And, please, don’t complain about my use of commas and ellipses

  6. Secret No. 31

    Women don’t give a damn what men think about anything.

  7. Julie,

    And vice versa. But if we don’t pretend, we piss each other off. And here all our problems began.

  8. I think I know what men think ABOUT most often, but I have to admit I don’t really know what they think about women these days. It’s like What Women Want but in a weird sort of reverse. I’m intrigued.

  9. Legacy Books is my home away from home. I was in there last night and heard that the author was going to be there for a book signing next Saturday.

  10. This is a grrreat book. I have read it and it is totally worth reading. You will learn a lot!!!!