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Making Dallas Even Better

Former Ranger Rick Helling: “The Man Who Warned Baseball About Steroids”

That’s the headline of this piece from Time. When did he do it? More than a decade ago, just after the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa home-run-record chase that reenergized the game. Rick Helling, a 27-year-old righthanded pitcher and the players’ representative for the Texas Rangers, stood up at the winter meeting of the Executive Board of […]

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You Read It Here First: The Recovery Begins By The End Of This Year

Of course, if it doesn’t, you’ll probably forget you read it here anyway. Anyway, executives at a disparate combination of industries that I’ve been watching lately (Colliers International, Fluor and RadioShack) have all expressed varying degrees of optimism that things might turn around by year’s end, or have turned around, as far as they’re concerned. Jump for […]

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Once Again: Hold Up On That Convention Hotel

Sen. John Carona (R., Dallas) drives by those same freeway billboards you and I do every day enticing Dallas money to Louisiana and Oklahoma casinos. If his bill to allow casinos at 12 sites in Texas (two in Dallas County) can muster a two-thirds majority, it goes on the ballot in November as a constitutional amendment. My money says it will […]

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Leading Off (2/26/09)

1. Rowlett’s smoking ban hasn’t even gone into effect yet, but citizens are already circulating a petition to get a referendum on the ballot to repeal it. It figures that the only strategy that might work to repeal Dallas’ upcoming ban would involve getting a certain amount of people to sign a petition, my one […]

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