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Making Dallas Even Better

  • bill h

    I’ve spotted cedar waxwings and goldfinches, as well as chickadees house finches. The goldfinches are wonderful. I was lying in a hammock and one perched about three feet away, just sitting there. Beautiful bird. I also saw a ruby crowned kinglet over on the Dixon Branch in Old Lake Highlands.

  • AS

    Please tell what zoom lens you use to get these great bird pictures!

  • Mark

    Strange how you never see just 1 cedar waxwing. Really one of the coolest birds to travel thru the area.

  • J Montenegro

    How can you tell just by the photo? Bird gaydar?

  • julie

    I see that they like to eat fruit. What kind of fruit could I put out to attract them?

  • Nancy Nichols

    @ AS
    I use this with a doubler.

  • shellybelly
  • Nancy Nichols

    I use this lens with a doubler.

  • Nancy Nichols

    There was a time in my life when I could say gay and it meant happy and full of life. That is the way I feel when I see these birds.

  • Mark

    From Google: Deinition of gay
    brave: brightly colored and showy; “girls decked out in brave new dresses”; “brave banners flying”; “`braw’ is a Scottish word”; “a dress a bit too gay for her years”; “birds with gay plumage”

  • Mark

    OOPS! Definition not Deinition, multitasking is hard.

  • Nancy Nichols

    either way, it works for me.

  • shellybelly

    Oh, sorry. My bad. Apologies all the way around.

  • J Montenegro

    Sorry, Nancy. I was just funnin’ with ya. Those are some nice looking birds and a great photo of them!

  • Mark

    Julie I am by no means an expert but at my office on Preston they eat the holly berries. They also love the berries on cedars hence the name Cedar Waxwings.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Not the least bit offended!

  • Mark

    My last post about waxwings, interesting article.

  • Bill Marvel

    I don’t know anything about the sexual orientation of cedar waxwings, but when they descended on the bush in our back yard and cleaned out the red berries, they seemed to be having a high old time.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Yes, they get “drunk” on the berries. Close your curtains or they will fly into them and die. Seriously.

  • Gwyon

    I was the shadow of the waxwing slain.

  • KellyK

    That’s a little too “The Birds” for me…but I do have those little berries in my bushes out front, I was going home to see if they are still covered…I am wondering now if I should make my own recession cocktail out of them!

  • KellynD

    @ Nancy – seen any Purple Martins yet? We had a pair scoping out our gourds last weekend.

  • Nancy Nichols

    saw one in East Texas but not Dallas

  • Grunt

    For the record, Cedar Waxwings do not taste good.

  • Don in Austin

    @Grunt: That’s obvious, they eat Yaupon Holly berries. Not your best tasting berry, you know.

  • H.H.A.S.

    Can I get an owl for a pet?
    And do you think it would get along with my cats (they are old but frisky)?