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9 comments on “A Gift For Christmas: The Best Football Game Of The Year

  1. That is one helluva story, Wick. I have a deep-seated suspicion of church schools. Which means I’m wrong. Often. Especially now.

  2. I covered a game Gainesville State played against a 2A school. This piece is absolutely dead on in the fact that nobody but a few wives of employees are on the visitors side to cheer for the kids.

    It’s kind of a production for them to play, too. There were two people from GSS at each exit.

    It’s nice to see another school show some compassion for these kids, too. The school I covered at the time also made goody bags for the boys, and at the time (this was about 5 years ago or so) it was a very rare occurrence.

  3. Here I thought tonight’s TCU game was the best so far… then I read the column.

    I stand corrected.

  4. Yeah, the backpage writers have been sorely lacking, compared to Reilly. But then again, who would want to follow him?