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37 comments on “Eric Celeste Shoots Pool

  1. Thanks Tim, I think this will round out the evidence. Now where did I put the Best Lawyers edition?

  2. No, Puddin’, it was taken at a gay bar in Denver. If the joint looks kind of empty, it’s because all the regulars had press passes. (Eric was disconsolate!)

  3. What is just as troubling is that Tim was there to take the picture.

    If Tim was looking to add more fuel to the “flames,” well, I think this scenario puts Tim at a 3-alarm now.

  4. I think they were playing strip pool — once Eric got down to his briefs, Tim didn’t need to use his pool stick to hit the cue ball.

  5. You can take the journalist out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the journalist.

  6. The location for the picture is “Zippers” and Eric is feeling bad because he forgot to wear his arsless chaps.

  7. Someone at D needs to confiscate Tim and Eric’s (awesome show?) iPhone and post all of their pictures. I think that is where we’ll get the real story. And I’m scared of what will be revealed.

  8. Amazing what happens after you google someone after 10 years. Why am I not a bit surprised? Hope all is well boys. Let me know if you ever come up to DC. Betsy