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Making Dallas Even Better

Mark Cuban Is a Blogosphere Commenter

Not on this blog. Heavens no. But over on TechCrunch50, where it was announced bloggepreneur (Not a word? It is now.) Jason Calacanis would interview Cuban one-on-one at the upcoming TechCrunch50 conference. Comments to said announcement require registering for an RSS feed. Fortunately, Michael Arrington found the good stuff. A commenter/videoblogger named Loren Feldman said […]

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Never Let Reality (Television) Get in the Way of Football…

OK, so, a while ago, I reported that some folks were trying to get Jason Witten (left) and some of the other Dallas Cowboys to tape a reality cooking show to raise money for charity. Turns out that organizers had trouble coralling Witten, Tony Romo, etc., to make it happen (some lame excuse about football practice or something). […]

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Re: Jim Schutze Thinks Our Commenters Are “Worse” Than “Straight-Up Racist and Vile”

I point the blog to Daniel’s comment to that post, which pretty much disproves Jim’s assertion that our commenters don’t bring something to the debate: Schutze has not been doing his best work lately. He’s degenerated to unsubstantiated innuendo (“I’m not saying 3, I’m just saying 1 and 1, which sure makes it look like […]

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Gordon Keith Is Not Funny

Here’s a funny (but serious) explanation of why Gordon Keith is not funny. As in: This is not necessarily Gordon Keith’s fault, as the massive popularity of “non-jokes” is undeniable. Non-jokes are seemingly harmless viruses that destroy true comedic workmanship and place all blame at the feet of the audience. If you fail to laugh […]

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Jim Schutze Thinks Our Commenters Are “Worse” Than “Straight-Up Racist and Vile”

In Jim Schutze’s latest column, he tackles the hot-button topic of the day, renaming Ross Avenue for Cesar Chavez. Somehow, our beloved commenter community found itself staring up at the undercarriage of the JS Express: Many of the comments on the Dallas Observer blog, Unfair Park, have been straight-up racist and vile. One commenter asked, […]

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