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Assistant DA Crashes Into House

News comes to us this morning that Dallas County prosecutor Thomas Gatlin ran his car into a house Saturday, and that by the looks of things (e.g., open bottle of vodka onboard) he was drunk. A FrontBurnervian on the scene sends photos of the incident:

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42 comments on “Assistant DA Crashes Into House

  1. Ohhh SNAP. This is pretty much the highlight of my week. I have the number of a great attorney, Thomas. You might recognize him from the table to your left in the court room most days.

  2. Note window smashed by neighbors to stop ADA from fleeing the scene.

    I’m picturing the video to Der Kommissar, in which our Eurotrash man careens through the frame(s), backlit by police-car lights in desperate and doomed flight.

    Jesus, I’m old.

  3. I thought on the news this am they said the window was broken by neighbors trying to turn the ignition off.

    When he ran into the house, he kept pressing on the gas pedal and the tires were spinning and causing fumes and smoke.

    So the neighbors had to reach in and turn off the car to get it to stop. He was too out of it to know the car was not moving?

    All of this, of course, allegedly.

    That is what I thought they said?? But I may be wrong?

  4. I think that should be worded as “soon-to-be-ex-Dallas County prosecutor Thomas Gatlin”.

  5. :), you’ve got it right. The note on the pic and your fuller description tell the same story: neighbors smash window, put car in park, take keys.

  6. He was just following the example of his boss. Mr Watkins has wrecked three cars. Once he hit a house. What’s the big deal!

  7. Is that a Crepe Myrtle down in the front yard!? Holy crap, Neil Sperry is going to be pissed!

  8. what happened to the good old days when you could simply smash your car into a house and not cause a scene? i miss them.

  9. That’s the trouble with neighborhoods up north – all the houses look alike so how do you know which one is yours after a few drinks?

  10. Is there a journalist following up on this by asking (a) what’s he doing in this neighborhood (b) is it possible he had a medical condition such as epilepsy because this sounds more like a seizure than a DWI and (c) is he married and does his wife know where he was?
    Oh, wait. I forgot what town I’m in. All the good questioners have been excused from further participation due to fluctuations in the company stock.

  11. And, oh, yeah, is that a personal car or is it a county car (leased and paid for by the county? owned by the county? reimbursed by the county?)

  12. I don’t know much about epilepsy, but I’m pretty sure drinking and driving is not one of the symptoms.

  13. Bethany, CDD,
    You don’t know that the vodka was opened in the crash or was already open. You don’t know if someone put it the car when they were breaking out the window. You don’t know if the guy was drunk or if he’s an actual epileptic. And that is why you need good reporters — to ask the questions when you poor sheep are satisfied with the official versions.

  14. Uh….reporters pretty much go by the police report, right – at least initially. The accident just happened, after all.

    At least, that’s how it worked when I was a crime reporter.

  15. Whoops! Sorry Jim Adler…I get all of you dang lawyers mixed up.
    Thanks Puddin’.

  16. Let’s see. Open bottle of vodka. Car running into a house. Blood shot eyes. Unable to walk. Driver not acting sensibly. It must be epilepsy or lupus. Can somebody page Dr. House, please.

  17. I heard he has rickets and the only thing to soothe the pain is a bottle of Grey Goose and a spin around the neighborhood.

    And seeing how tenacity is so important in the character of a prosecutor, it only makes sense that he tried valiantly to soldier on through that house even after that brick wall stopped his Pontiac of Justice.

  18. amandacobra ought to be in demand next time there’s a writers strike!!! And btw, most cops are in fact smart enough to tell the difference between a medical condition and alcohol intoxication. Give them some credit please…

  19. Don’t worry Mr. Gatlin, I’m sure Rick Harrison out in Kaufman County would hire a fellow drunk driver.

  20. Sometimes the first story is the correct story….but, still, that’s why you have reporters asking questions….

  21. All of you should write comedy – well, you do, but you know what I mean. This one made me laugh out loud!! Thanks

  22. It infuriates me that some people have nothing better to do with their lives than enjoy the misery of others. This could have happened to anyone – be thankful that nobody was hurt.