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The Mysterious Disappearance of Greg Williams

For nearly three weeks, The Ticket’s Hardline co-host Greg Williams has not been on the air. The station’s official stance is that he’s taking some personal time, and that’s all the station will (or can) say. If you’re looking for the mystery’s resolution here, sorry. You’ll have to keep looking. Based on Mike Rhyner’s rather forceful, on-air declaration yesterday that rumors of Greggo’s replacement are totally unfounded, I do not suggest you go looking here. That forum suggests an official announcement will be made today concerning the hiring of Ralph “Razor” Barbieri from San Francisco. But again, Rhynes was adamant that any such rumors of any replacement were false, false, false.

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  • d-head dave

    I’ve noticed those unfair park frauds won’t post anything negative about currant hardline, but they bash the hell out of Greggo. We’ll see where the hardline is in six months!

  • anticorb

    Oh Corby…my little Corby! Where will you end up now that you don’t have shirtails of hardline to ride?…..give ole corbs the reign….step back and watch it circle the drain!!! whoo-whoo!!

  • Bayoucity P1


  • A. Harry Bush

    Q. ……ya gotta be essing me,……..who is this donovan guy?
    A. A SPARE……
    what has happened here? donovan mentioned affirmative action himself today. in fact, his exact words were: “Thank God for AA!!”
    That makes sense as there is no way he got where he is on talent alone.

  • Oliver Klosov

    I dont think you care for Donovan if I were to make an assumption.
    But I will agree with you that his humor does seem a bit forced. It is almost like someone else is writting his material for him.
    To quote the great Big Mac:”Ya got NUTHIN!”

  • Michael Schirmer

    Is there any update on Greggo?

  • Greggo II

    The station seems to be paving the way for Greggo’s return. They are doing Greggo drops again now and actually using his voice during the Hardline presentation as if he’s already back. Yesterday when the Hardline intro began it was the usual intro of “This is the Hardline, I would be Mike Rhyner” and then followed up by “And I would be Greg Williams” at which point I officially said “Oh YEA!!!!.”

    The show as really never the same without him so it’s good to see that he may be back with us again from 3 to 7. GO GREGGO!!!!!

  • anticorb

    Probably wishful thinking there greggoII! Too much damage has been done. The up-side is I’m getting things done now instead of listening to a stupid radio show.

  • anticorb

    The truth is, I don’t think Greggo will ever find same chemistry either!

  • Greggo II

    Yep, Good Point! The Ticket as it used to be is long gone. The on air “talent” now is just filler for the sponsor spots which seem to run for at least 40 minutes every hour now.