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Kevin McCarthy on Rebecca Aguilar

Kevin McCarthy sent a note to Fox 4 today. I asked him if I could share it:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Twenty years ago, your station fired me for throwing Clarice Tinsley into a swimming pool.

Are you going to fire Rebecca Aguilar, her producer, and assignment editor for throwing a 70-year-old man under a bus?

Kevin McCarthy

Comments are on.

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  • Kyle

    [quote]Ronnie @ October 19th, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Rebecca Aguilar was right to corner this murderer who has killed more once in recent memory. [/quote]

    Ronnie, you are a complete IDIOT!!!
    Or, at least a double idiot because you posted that crap twice.

    The man has the right to defend himself and his property! He was well within the law in doing so!
    If faced with the same situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone breaking into my house. I WILL kill to protect my family and property!!!
    Stop being on the side of the criminal and think of the real victims out there!
    There are 2 less scumbag criminals out there because of one 70 year old man & his shotguns. He should get an award!

    Screw LULAC & screw Rrrrebekka AguiLIAR!

    She deserves to be FIRED! So does her editor, and anyone else at FOX that allowed that crap to be aired!

  • Truth Teller

    Ms. Agular has little respect from others in the media, although many of them don’t feel that she should have been pulled off of the air for this. My personal experience with her is that she is dishonest and while she may not deserve punishment for this she does deserve it for a career of disrespect to the media in general.

  • Truth Teller

    The video is one YouTube as of this evening. I just watched it. She was being a smart ass and that’s not what journalism is about. She needs a spanking.

  • X-15

    KDFW has no right to stop the posting of the video: it belongs to the universe after they send it over the public airwaves. Their “request” to stop posting it won’t stand up in court.

  • H Wallace

    I remember the Kevin/Clarice pool situation as it occurred when the station sent the News Show to far West Texas as a publicity stunt highlighting their “new” helicopter. It is amazing how being fired for something “studpid” can create such long term bitterness in a man of such talent and thoughtfulness as Kevin McCarthy. I would hope that after all he has endured in life that the anger would have by now been placed in a more productive perspective. Surely, journalism lacks credibility due to the financial pressures faced by News organizations. The truth is this story was “cleared” by not just the reporter, but the show’s Producer, story producer, and News Director. MONEY GOT THIS STORY AIRED, NOT REBECCA AGUILAR.
    Stop all this hypocracy and be consistent at least, suspend all those involved in the supposed “integrity” of this story! Don’t make the reporter the scapegoat, GET IT RIGHT!