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Rebecca Aguilar Misses the Target on Shooting Story

Someone needs to smack Rebecca Aguilar. Figuratively speaking, of course. Are you kidding me? This is her idea of journalism? Ambushing a 70-year-old man who has been through life-and-death twice in three weeks? “Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what what you wanted to do? Shoot to kill?” Good Lord, I hate the people in this field.

Edit: I notice, Rebecca Aguilar — if that is your real name — that your report conveniently neglects to mention the man lives at the place of business where the two burglars broke in. Wonder why you left that out?

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  • Bub Smith

    Nice to know that your “stuff” is more important that someones life. Sure, he killed a thief but this was still someones son, brother, father, etc.

    Also, there is NO evidence that the thieves in anyway threatened this man. He was not in danger. The police have said it. The evidence shows it.

    A life for a wrench. God. Good for the reporter. She is asking important questions the rest of you seem to want to ignore.

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  • joe west

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by KDFW FOX 4 TV

  • Zazu

    Bub – So I guess the old guy should have said, “Excuse me, I would like to inquire if you are here to hurt me or steal my livlihood. Oh, just stealing my livlihood, then by all means take it away…because your wasted piece of sh*t life means more to me than being able to put food on my table.”
    Give me a break. Sorry, but my stuff does mean more to me than the thug breaking into my home to steal it. Actually the turd the neighbor’s dog left in my front yard means more to me than the life of somebody who would rather steal from hardworking citizens than get a job.

  • marcus aurelius

    Useful information:

    I recently attended a conceal & carry training class that recommended before resorting to deadly self defense you should yell loud enough for witnesses to hear:

    “Help, drop your weapon, I’m in fear for my life” …….bang

  • SwampWoman

    Hey, Dim Bub! My stuff is definitely worth more than some POS thief’s life. The only people that are more concerned with the burglar having contracted a fatal case of lead poisoning would seem to be those in the same line of work.

    I’ve got an idea! All the people that are in sympathy with the burglar, y’all put up your signs that say “These Premises Not Protected by Smith & Wesson and We Value the Sanctity of Burglar Life”. That way, the burglars won’t accidentally enter somebody’s house to rape, steal from, or kill anybody that might actually be armed.

  • SwampWoman

    As for that reporter, she ought to be ashamed and hopefully the family of the man will sue her for harassing him.

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  • Wil

    RealityCheck @ October 18th, 2007 at 8:21 am
    If you can’t site the sources for your facts then its BS, or your opinion.

    Carson @ October 18th, 2007 at 4:34 pm
    Reminding us that many reporters have a Bachelor’s degree (aka BS) in communications now puts this (and _many_ other stories) in perspective for me.

    Bub Smith @ October 18th, 2007 at 6:17 pm
    1) Everyone is someones’ kin, it doesn’t give them the right to invade your home, which makes this a home invasion, and you still have a right to defend your home last time I checked (most places anyway).
    2) Unless the police were with him when the home invasion occurred, they cannot know if he was threatened or not. By the way, peace officers do a lot of good and are needed in our society, but unless you are a cop or live with one they are unlikely to be with you when a crime is committed against you. Only you can protect youself 24/7.
    3) The above is _my_ opinion.

    SwampWoman @ October 18th, 2007 at 9:53 pm

  • Randy Cobbs

    What a disgusting piece of “Journalism”. Aguilar needs to be canned, and Walton deserves an award.

  • Fraggle Rock

    Your life IS more valuable than a wrench. So next time you want to steal someone’s wrench, value your own life. Don’t be a waste of flesh and rob innocent people and they won’t shoot you.

  • Timothy Wilder

    A Hispanic acting like a Jew. What a wonderful country we have become. Not.

    Her bosses are worse. They threw her to the wolves despite their responsibility for the piece (they approved it). Utterly, utterly irresponsible. They are the true villains here. Unethical trash.

  • Erik Whetstone

    It appears that Aguilar doesn’t even learn from her own stories. She had previously covered the story in the street outside his business. At the end of that story she said he was nowhere to be found and that neighbors said he likes to be left alone. How long she have to follow him that day until she was able to tape him leaving the Academy in Mesquite? If she would have taken heed of her own story and left the man alone, maybe she wouldn’t be in the situation she is now.

  • Former Journalist

    I guess she’s finally pushed the envelope to far. I totally agree with KDFW’s move on this situtation.

  • Old Marinw

    So she’s suspended, so what? What about the cameraman? What about the news producer? The station needs to hold the entire crew responsible, not just the woman with the microphone.

  • Regina

    To “former journalist” : First… It’s “too far”, not “to far” (this is basic 3rd grade grammar). Second… KDFW is the one who “knowingly pushed the envelope” when they sent the reporter on assignment, shot it, edited it , copy edited it, produced it and chose a slot for the story on the newscast. Oh… and then they promoted it before it even aired… encouraging viewers to tune in. When their oversensationalized angle of reporting the story backfired, they made one of their own the sacrificial lamb, tied her up, lit her on fire, and threw her to the masses. It’s clear why you are a “fomer” journalist. Who don’t have enough sense to comprehend the true issue. Please tell me you have not procreated.

    To “Old Marinw”: Right on! Thank God someone has a brain. It doesn’t matter if you agree the story or not. The issue is the station’s treatment of their own reporter, who covered the story exactly the way she was instructed to do it. If KDFW thought it was such an unjust story… why the hell would they ever allow it to air?????

    Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you some day had to face a “jury of your peers”? Frightening, isn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me the plethora of ignorant people on this planet. 90% of those who are posting on this page are the same type of idiots who sat on the O.J. Simpson jury. All his lawyers had to do was distract the buttheads like a dog by clouding the real issue and they became all confused.

    Once again kiddos: The issue is simple. The reporter was given an assignment. She completed the assignment exactly as she was instructed. The bosses watched the story and said “good reporter, good reporter” and aired it. When managements’ decision backfired, they fired the reporter for doing the very job she was instructed to do.

    What? Did you think they were going to fire themselves?

  • Elliott

    Regina, I completely agree that the producers, editors etc. should be held responsible as well as Rebecca. I just wish you would have not written it in such a condescending tone. I don’t know you but from your writing you come off as a pseudo-New York-intellectual, whose self righteousness is getting in the way of your ideas. You feel like you have to correct “former journalist’s” grammar when you didn’t even spell his name right, along with making gramatical errors yourself.

  • SML

    Are you guy serious. This little old man Bull **** game is getting old. He’s a man regardless of his age who shot 2 human beings, yes intruding, but where do we draw the line. He is a trigger happy veteran who needs to be in some old folks home. I keep hearing he felt threatend by her standing in his door way, she made it difficult for him to leave, FOR GOD’s SAKE HE SHOT 2 MEN just weeks before. If he felt threatened Rebecca would have been 6 feet under right now. Come on PEOPLE. She is a great reporter! KUDOS Rebecca!

  • Gregg Eller

    What would you have done, SML, if somebody broke into your house? Shot 2 men two weeks before? Men dont break into other peoples HOMES. These guys were vermin. Its a shame, but they chose their own fate.

  • SML

    Yes they did and they got what they deserved. But she is a scape goat, she is not getting what she deserved. Lets kill all criminals. She is not one.

  • Elliott

    Actually she did commit a crime by not allowing him to leave, as someone wrote above. The old man was fearing for his life, two times in three weeks. He called the cops atleast 40 times but they were unable to help. It was his right and duty to defend himself and house. If it was SML in the old man’s position we would probably of just heard “A man was killed by burglers last night.” No she is not a reporter, she made that obvious by pushing an agenda and giving the public a biased view.

  • Ron

    Yes, Ms. Aguilar should be held responsible for ambushing a crime victim who defends himself. This story reminds me of another one years back that took place here in the Dallas area when an anti-gun reporter got a minor a fake ID to purchase a gun from a local shop, a felony. Fortunately, the shop owner was tipped off before the reporter arrived (but after the sale) and had an ambush of his own ready. The shop owner had his own camera set up and after the reporter came in and confessed his crime on camera, the tape was sent to all the other stations here in the DFW area. While I don’t know if charges were ever filed against the reporter, he did loose his job and now know “investigative reporting” is not an excuse to break the law.

  • SML

    Elliot if she committed a crime why didn’t the old guy call DPD? Why didn’t shoot her like he did the others that made him fear his life? Get over it. Are you related to him? COME ON! Read about her and the stories she has done about Youth Rape, the Postal worker who was a sex offender delivering mail to your neighborhood, the family violence, learn more about those you attack.

    GOD HELP US! let this one go.

  • Elliott

    SML, i’m not sure what she did was actually a crime, thats why i didnt make a big deal about it, so I apologize. He didn’t shoot her because he wasnt in fear of his life, like he was with the burglers. I was not attacking her either, aparently you think what she did was completely ethical when she pushes her biased views and agendas on crime victims. Sure she has done some good things for people, BUT so did Hitler, maybe sense Hitler brought Germany out of a depression he shouldnt be looked down upon?

  • SML

    OMG! You are toooo much comparing her to Hitler. Get over it. You comparing her to Hitler is like me saying you don’t like her because she is a strong MEXICAN woman.


  • Amy

    All I want to do is go hug this poor older gentleman! How dare that whore treat him like that- making him shake and cry, and have no compassion whatsoever. I hope I’m as brave and strong as he is when I’m his age. She is so obtuse she doesn’t even realize that, of course, the man is deeply moved and saddened that he had to take two lives, but he did what he had to to survive. That’s what real men do, Ms. Aguilara, and we need more of them. But, I guess, hanging out on the lib journalist circles you hang out in, that’s about as alien to you (no pun intended) as if he were from Mars. You could learn a lot from him, and should really call the gentleman and apologize from the bottom of your heart, if you have one.

  • Elliott

    Hahaha i wasnt comparing her to hitler, I was just trying to use an analogy to put it into perspective. Why are you telling me to get over it when obviously you havnt, sense you keep checking back on this website? But true I am too much, I guess im kind of a big deal. Soo yeah Im bored now, what u up to?

  • SML

    Me too Elliot, too much that is…. I’m bored with all of it. I guess I could say ditto.

  • mac

    You have tainted the duty of journalism.
    I’m not talking about Rebecca, I’m talking about blogs like these.
    Rebecca was doing the job of a journalist… asking questions, seeking the truth as whatever cost.
    If you’ve watched Rebecca’s work for the last 13 years, you know that’s how she asks questions and gets to the truth.
    If bloggers want to work at bringing down a veteran’s reporters career for being tough, please be aware that you stop the next journalist from having the balls to ask the tough questions on the next story.
    Every reporter will worry more about irking the bloggers and being fired, then seeking the truth.
    Consider that as you blog about a hard working reporter, the only reporter that tracked down the man, the only reporter that got the story that no one else in the city did.
    Consider that as you attack a hard working, tenacious reporter who delivers the news other reporters are unable to, or are afraid to.
    Consider that as you watch local news tonight and wonder why no is asking the tough questions, why no one has the balls to seek the complete truth.
    I’m a journalist blogger that has decided to use the media as an arena for truth, not opinion, not gossip.
    I know Rebecca professionally. I know she gets to the point. She asks the question the same way she asked a 70 year old and a 20 year old. Would you want it differently?
    Rebecca is the type of reporter we all need in newsrooms.
    We don’t need reporters who fear gossip, and opinions.
    We need reporters, like Rebecca, that fear no one.

  • Ray

    asking someone that was forced to shoot someone that was breaking into his house if he is “trigger happy” isn’t journalism. This man did nothing wrong, and maybe no one else was looking for this story because they didn’t want some puffed up biased sensationalist story that doesn’t benefit anyone but their reputation. the real story is that this guy had his house broken into forty four times in a year, or in other words a little less than once a week, and the cops weren’t able to stop it ever.

    the truth is that with those questions, it is clear that she had already decided the message that she was looking for with her report, rather than getting the facts and presenting them and allowing the viewers to decide for themselves. that is the mark of a bad reporter.

  • Mark

    Hey, what happened to Rebecca? I really haven’t been watching FOX 4 lately because I get sick of seeing the same stories with the same video played over and over again all day, but the few times I have tuned in I’ve noticed she still seems to be gone. I would have suspected that by now she would be back. Perhaps good riddance is in order?!!!:)

  • john

    An award that targets a certain ethnicity should be questioned, by the way. She’s a hispanic woman. . .so what. Maybe just maybe that explains why she got the job in a big market like Dallas? My question is fair in the face of affirmative action and ridiculous “awards”.

    This story is awful for many reasons, foremost among them the age and fear of the victim.

  • Andy Freeman

    Mac should read the comments before opining.

    She didn’t “get the story” – she made up a story by leaving out facts that contradicted the story that she wanted to tell.

    If that’s journalism, we need less journalism.

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