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Making Dallas Even Better

Where I Wish I Was Last Night

At Club Dada for the Jonathan Coulton concert. I knew of Coulton through his work with John Hodgman, author of The Areas of My Expertise, appearances on The Daily Show, and, yes, “that guy” from the Apple commercials. Coulton is straight-up nerd-folk-rock (he’s the official troubadour for Popular Science), and it sounds like he brought the signal and noise to Dallas last night, albeit in front of a not-so-great turnout due to some alleged online ticketing problems. (Plus side: Looks like Coulton enjoyed Chuy’s.) Kevin Pyle at the Observer has a good recap of the evening. Interested parties should check out this YouTube clip of Coulton at a different concert performing the entirely singable “Re: Your Brains.” According to Pyle, the Dallas fans were told to “zombie it up a bit,” and I’d like to think I would have.

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