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Making Dallas Even Better


A FrontBurnerivan treehugger with a brain for birds and a bod for sin flirts away:

I can’t resist the sexual overtones in your hummingbird log. I recommend that you get yourself out McKinney way in April (4th weekend) of next year for a shopping expedition at the Heard Museum Annual Native Plant Sale. There, you can obtain your Salvia, your trumpet creeper, your cypress vine, your Anicanth bush, your coral honeysuckle, and all kinds of other varieties of hummingbird attractants. I have cypress vine and the hummers visit daily. Standing cypress is very similar but more wildflower-esque and doesn’t spread rapidly like the vine (an annual but it seeds profusely). Get some butterfly plants while you’re at it. Go wild in the backyard.

Is that a come-on or am I just a sensitive girl?

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