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Making Dallas Even Better


Mistake No. 1: So reads the first sentence of an item about hirsute QBs in today’s NFL who are inspired by the great (hairy) quarterbacks of old:

When you think of iconic quarterbacks from the ’70s, you don’t think of guys like Staubach or Griese.

Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute: Staubach is exactly the QB I think of–facial hair or not. (I also think of Griese when I remember him getting chased around by the ‘Boys in Super Bowl VI.)

Mistake No. 2: Hoisting up Houston’s David Carr because he has shaggy hair, a la Kenny Stabler, as a quarterback of the moment.

C’mon, folks. Carr had refused to cut his hair before last season because the team hadn’t been able to win back-to-back games (even then he was getting minor trims). And don’t get me started on the stats. Last year was Carr’s third season, and his rating was 83.5. Staubach’s third season happened to be his first to play each game (along with Craig Morton), and his rating was 104.8. Oh, yeah, plus a Super Bowl victory. Remember, don’t mess with Roger the Dodger.

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